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Collagen Fleece Veil Masks

These Made in Germany skin treatment masks are the perfect compliment to the Swissmed Bio-Lift Collagen Facial. An exceptional way to deeply infuse the skin with pure collagen for much needed moisture. As a bonus the mask also produces an occlusive cover as it transforms into a skin like membrane encouraging the penetration of the previously applied Bio-Lift Collagen serum and cream.

The masks are made up of fine pored velvety, non woven bio matrix material embedded with freeze dried purified marine collagen and other highly active ingredients. Pure Collagen Veil Mask– Lifting & hydrating effect on all skin types

Vitamin C Collagen Veil Mask – Antioxidant, brightening action for sun damaged, environmentally exposed skin

Elastin Collagen Mask – Firming & toning loss of tone and sagging contours Aloe Vera Collagen Veil Mask – Calming and soothing for sensitive skins Caviar Collagen Veil Mask –Regenerating for tired aged skin

Dermawhite Collagen Veil Mask – Bleaching, whitening action fro hyper pigmented skin Available in a 5 pack for professional use only.


How to Use:

Place the fleece veil over the face, cut slits for nose area, moisten with mask activator, distilled water or Tonic Lotion. Leave to act for 20 minutes then lift off. Follow with application of a Swissmed cream.