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Bio-Lift Collagen Cream
A 24 hour anti age cream with dermo smoothing properties featuring Antiwrinkle Hexapeptide, Marine Collagen and a combination of natural ingredients to help improve and maintain skin elasticity, moisture and tone. Protects the skin against the elements, prevents and reduces signs of aging acting against all causes. A velvet soft feeling cream that re energizes and rejuvenates the skin. ......Read more
Bio-Lift Collagen Serum
A highly concentrated, technically advanced serum with dermo smoothing properties featuring Anti wrinkle Hexapeptide, Marine Collagen plus a cocktail of active ingredients. Increases skin firmness and tone while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. A younger looking skin will result thanks to a multi –angled approach to fight skin aging.......Read more
 Bio-Lift Eye & Lip relief
 A targeted concentrated cream-serum especially designed for the delicate eye & lip contour area featuring Anti wrinkle Hexapeptide plus a cocktail of natural active ingredients. This unique multi-angled technology prevents and reduces fine lines around the eyes and lips, nourishes dry skin, alleviates dark circles and puffiness.......Read more