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Thermal Spa Tonic Lotion

A re-mineralizing drink for the skin, this refreshing tonic lotion balances skin’s ph and replaces essential trace elements. Featuring pure Swiss spa thermal waters and orange water distillate this lotion works for all skin types.

Active Ingredients

  •  Essential Trace Elements [Sodium, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese] – anti free radical, anti oxidants, re mineralizing, hydrating, increase auto immune system of the skin
  • Swiss Thermal Spa Water –re mineralizing, hydrating
  •  D-Panthenol [Pro Vitamin B5]– regenerating, healing
  •  Citric Acid [Alpha Hydroxy Acid]- increases cellular turnover, removes dead cells, make up and debris, refines skin surface
  • Orange Flower Distillate Water-  a hydrosol to calm, distress and refresh the skin


  • Free of drying alcohols
  •  Fragrance free
  •  Colorant free

How to Use:

Apply to the face, neck and decolte by gently spraying directly on the skin or by first dispensing on a cotton disc then applying in circular motions to the skin. Used in the professional treatment as well at home morning and evening following the removal of the Swissmed cleansing milk.


500 ml bottle  For Professional Use
200 ml bottle  with box  For Retail Use
3 ml sample sachet