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Bio-Lift Collagen Cream
A 24 hour anti age cream with dermo smoothing properties featuring Antiwrinkle Hexapeptide, Marine Collagen and a combination of natural ingredients to help improve and maintain skin elasticity, moisture and tone. Protects the skin against the elements, prevents and reduces signs of aging acting against all causes. A velvet soft feeling cream that re energizes and rejuvenates the skin.

Active Ingredients

  • Anti wrinkle Hexapeptide – dermo smoothing, toning, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles by decontracting the skin
  • Lactic Acid Ester –improves cell regeneration & skin texture, moisturizing
  •  Sodium Hyaluronate-  moisturizing replaces lost moisture, increases barrier function of the skin
    preventing moisture loss
  • film forming, elasticizing
  •  Carrageenan – regenerating, moisturizing
  •  Apricot Oil – nourishing, alleviates dry skin
  •  Imperata cylindrical- an intense long lasting moisturizer
  •  Saxifrage- anti free radical, healing
  •  Bisabolol anti inflammatory, soothing
  •   Tocopherol [Vitamin E], anti oxidant, prevents free radicals, anti aging
  •  UVA &UVB SPF 12- City Filters block damaging UV light
  • Orange Flower Distillate Water-  a hydrosol to naturally fragrance with de-stressing properties


  • An oil in water emulsion
  • Mineral oil free
  • Fragrance Free
  • Colorant Free

How to Use:

Apply to the face, neck and decolte over the Swissmed serums. Used in the professional treatment as well at home morning and evening. May be used under make up.


250 ml Professional use jar
50 ml Retail use jar in box
3 ml sample sachet